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1TH 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


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   "MAN REDEEMED FROM SIN AND DEATH, by David Bartley (1792-1887) First reprint since 1887. 240 pages.  Topics:

Man, Son of Man, Jesus is the Resurrection, The resurrection of the unjust, Man in brotherhood with Christ, Redemption secures resurrection, Baptism assures resurrection, Resurrection of the body, changed, the Body sleeps in Jesus; Jesus will come to raise the dead;  The resurrection-Glory and heaven. Price:  $10.00 + $5.00 shipping.

 "Personal Election, Personal Reprobation, And The Judgment, by Stanley C. Phillips, 153 pages, large print: Topics:

Election to office; Personal election; Introduction to Divine reprobation; Backdrop for Person Election; Divine personal election; Instances of election and reprobation; Inherent characteristics of the reprobates; Reasonable expectation from results of election and reprobation; the Longsuffering of God to the reprobates; A specific Day of Judgment; the “General bodily resurrection”; “The general judgment”; Development of judgment; Scriptures supporting these topics.  Price:  $10.00 + $5.00 Shipping.

“The Bible, Divorce, and the Church,by Stanley C. Phillips. The only Old School Baptist Book supporting the historical position of Baptists from “the beginning,” as stated in the London Confession of 1689. This book defends the sanctity of the marriage state between one man and one woman “until death do us part;” and the rejection of simultaneous polygamy and continuous polygamy from the church until repentance is in evidence. $10.00 + $5.00 Shipping.




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1836 CIRCULAR LETTER Of The Delaware River Association, Held with the Church at Southhampton, Bucks Co., PA., May 28th and 30th.

1842 CIRCULAR LETTER Of The Delaware River Association
1861 CIRCULAR LETTER Of The Delaware River Association
1898 CIRCULAR LETTER Of The Delaware River Association

The Gospel Simply Put

The Baptized Churches of Christ

Predestination of All Things

Many individuals prefer reading from the printed pages rather than from a Website. Also, Old School Baptists’ books are very rare, and always scarce. The following books, hardcovered and in large print, are available from Stanley C. Phillips, 1159 County Road 420, Quitman, MS 39355. Make checks or money orders out to Stanley C. Phillips. LIMITED COPIES IN STOCK:

 New Books 2008

"Out of Print " A Definitive Study of Hardshellism and Hyper-Calvinism”,by Stanley C. Phillips, 128 pages, large print: Topics:

Definition of Hyper-calvinism; the Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit in the New Birth; Scriptures for Holy Spirit Regeneration; Circular Letter on Holy Spirit Regeneration- 1803; Covenant of Grace absolute and unconditional; Circular Letter on the Covenant of Grace; Hardshells and Hyper-calvinisms not Antinomians; Antinomianism and Arminianism examined; Hardshells and Hyper-calvinists and infant salvation; Euphemis: Hardshells and Education; Euphemism: Preaching the Gospel; Euphism: Preaching the gospel to sinners;  Euphemism: Hardshells and tithing and offerings; Is the soul subject to Regeneration?; Capacity of Discernment of the Old and New man.

PRICE:  $15.00  posdpaid.


A preliminary Comment, Introduction; An open letter answered; Marriage, Christ and the Church- A figure; A history of decline in Old Baptists’ practice and fidelity; Arguments Used to Destroy the Scriptural position; The “ecclesia,” vs. “Synagogue”; Biblical Questions to be answered; Christ’s First answer; Christ’s Second answer; Christ’s Third answer to His disciples; Appendix A: Deut 14:1; Use of Hebrew word, “ervah”; “some” and “uncleanness “dah-vahr”; Appendix C: Beebe on Divorce, 1840; Appendix D: Beebe on Divorce 1858.   PRICE: $35.00  postpaid.

" Out of Print "The Baptized Churches of Christ,by Stanley C. Phillips. A presentation of the view of the “militant church,” held by some Predestinarian Old School Baptists. The most controverted book on Ecclesiology by the new “transitional Primitive Baptists in recent history.  A second book dealing with the eternal spiritual body of Christ, is in present production. (see next listing). 230 Pages.
PRICE: $30.00

 Come hither. I will show thee the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife. By Stanley C. Phillips. A presentation of the Old School Baptists view of the Church, the body of Christ and the Eternal Vital Union of the Church with Christ from eternity to glorification.  PRICE: $30.00  (to be released in 2008).

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